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Surgical Orthodontics

The Orthodontist patients with great teeth

With more severe jaw and bite problems, orthodontics is only one part of the solution. When the disharmony between the position of the jaws is severe, it may be necessary to surgically reposition the jaws to establish a correct bite and a more harmonious facial profile with maximum cosmetic result. This is more common in adults and can provide excellent results.

Surgical orthodontics incorporates the coordination of an Orthodontist and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon to correct significant bite discrepancies in adult (and some late-teen) patients. Although very few orthodontic cases require surgery, a small percentage of cases cannot be fully corrected without surgical movement of the jaws.

In all cases, Dr Foo will contact your regular dentist or any other dental specialists to coordinate and plan your treatment in order to optimize the end results. A thorough explanation and treatment plan will be discussed in detail with you at your consultation.

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