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At The Orthodontist, we not only want you to have straight teeth, but we want you to maintain this change for life! Once teeth are straightened, it is very important that they be maintained in the proper position to permit the supporting structures to strengthen and retain that new smile of yours! Studies have shown that teeth will move throughout life, if retention is not carried out, most orthodontic patients will experience a recurrence of their crowding! Therefore, without your full cooperation, unfavorable movement will occur!

Quite often, people think that retention is only required for a few years after orthodontic treatment, typically until your wisdom teeth have come through. Unfortunately this is not the case. The position of your lips, gums and jaw bones and muscles are factors that can contribute to guiding and moving teeth. Therefore, if you want to guarantee your treatment result, retention will be needed.

Removable Retainers
Removable Retainer

At The Orthodontist, all our patients are provided with a set of removable retainers upon completion of their orthodontic treatment, at NO additional cost. This is included in your treatment costs discussed at the start of your treatment. The removable retainers are made from clear, rigid plastic on a cast of your newly aligned teeth. They are usually worn during sleep, ensuring that the treated teeth will not shift position.

Fixed Retainers
Fixed Retainers

This type of retainer consists of a wire, glued on the back surfaces of your upper and/or lower front teeth. This can be left permanently in place to ensure that the teeth do not shift position. Fixed retainers may not be suitable for all cases, and hence may not offered to every patient. Your orthodontist will discuss which retainer option is suitable for you at the start of your treatment and towards the end of your treatment as well.

Click here for more information on types of retainers and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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